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I’m Bren the host of the Under Your Bed Podcast. I’m a big film fan but the genre that interests me most is horror.

I can last listen to people endlessly waffle on about their favourite horror films so I started listening to horror podcasts and there’s some great ones out there, but most of them involved the same two or three people chatting about horror films, I wanted more varied opinions and points of view so started my own horror podcast where (apart from a few exceptions) the guest is different every episode and the set up (apart from a few exceptions) is this: a guest picks three of their favourite horror films and talks about them.

I never set out any rules for what type of guest is on the show but generally so far they’re some way related to film – directors, writers, critics, cinema programmers, film exhibitors etc. but once you know horror you’re welcome to come my cottage in Dublin city and sit in my cluttered living room surrounded by film memorabilia, have a drink (of your choice) and talk horror with me.

So far I’m having a great time doing the podcast, it costs money, pays nothing and takes up free time but it’s extremily enjoyable and I’ve met great people doing it.

Hope you like it…now find an episode press play and let’s talk horror.


email: bren.f.murphy@gmail.com
twitter: @brenindublin
acebook: facebook.com/UnderYourBed.orgĀ 

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