The Horseplay Podcast
Listen to me talk about things non horror with co-host Emmet Vincent in the monthly, kinda funny –  Horseplay podcast. 

For something completely different check out this LGBT entertainment website I sometimes write

Charlene’s Film Blog
Film blog by Light House Cinema programmer and podcast regular Charlene Lydon.

Yellow Bell Sunny
This is the blog of my good friend Emmet, he doesn’t write here enough but when he does it’s excellent.

The Light House Cinema
In Dublin? Check out this great cinema.

Hollywood Babylon
Hollywood Babylon is a midnight movie club that takes place in Dublin, it’s great craic so it is.

The Nostalgic Attic
Podcast guest, John Mulvaney’s retrospective entertainment blog.

Gourmet Horror
Great horror blog

Blood Donors Film Club
A Dublin based horror screening club in aid of various charities.

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the podcast. I discovered it yesterday and have already listened to all 6 episodes. In case you are wondering, you have at least one fan in America.

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