Episode 14 – R.I.P 2012- The Horror Films of 2012



Charlene Lydon- programmer of the Light House Cinema returns for the third time to talk to look back on the horror films we saw in 2012.

Beverage: Vacqueryras (Red Wine)

Films Discussed: The Woman in Black, Cabin in the Woods, Sinister, Grabbers, Citadel, Stitches, What Richard Did, Sightseers, Excision, Killer Joe, Frankenweenie, Dark Shadows, Berberian Sound Studio, The Innkeepers, The Loved Ones, The House at the End of the Street, A Night in the Woods, V/H/S, Paranormal Activity 4, Paranorman and Silent House

For Charlene’s List of the best 12 films of 2012 overall click here

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