Episode 22 – The X-Files Special w/ Charlene Lydon



This episode programmer of the Light House Cinema, podcast regular and X-Files geek Charlene Lydon joins Bren to talk about The X-Files, in particular the best horror episodes.

Beverage: McGuigan Merlot

Episodes discussed: SqueezeEveThe Host, IrresistibleDie Hand Die VerletztGrotesqueHomeChinga2ShySyzygy and more.

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Episode 21 – Conor Marren

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My guest this episode is actor Conor Marren. Conor is the lead from Randall Plunket‘s short horror film Out There, which Randall talked about on episode 11. Out There has been selected for Canne, so before he flew off Conor stopped by to talk about it, other films he’s done and some of his favourite horror films.

Beverage: Leffe

Films discussed: The Shining, Zombieland and The Wicker Man.

Check out Conor’s showreel etc here.
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Episode 20 – The Blood Donors Film Club



My guests this episode are Becca De La Rosa and Rebecca Traynor from The Blood Donors Fim Club, who screen selected horror films in various Dublin venues, it’s a fun horror themed night and all proceeds go to charity, such as Focus Ireland, The Irish Cancer Society and The Irish Hospice Foundation. Watch a horror film a give bit back at the same time? I’m there.

Becca and Rebecca joined me to talk about The Blood Donors Film Club, how it started and about the films they’re screening.

Beverage: Coca-Cola

Films discussed: The Loved Ones, American Mary and lots more

Check out BDFilmclub.com and like their Facebook Page here.
If you can’t make it to any of their screenings you can still show your admiration by donating to their chosen charities through them here, all worthwhile causes.
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Episode 15 – Nicola Jackson


My guest this episode is Nicola Jackson, a friend from my college days, she works as an Assistant Director in film and TV. Nicola has worked on Becoming Jane, King Arthur, Moone Boy, some of the Rubberbandits stuff, Ripper Street, Roy and an upcoming horror short by Lee Cronin

Beverage: Hot Chocolate (with marshmallows)

Films discussed: Dark Night of the Scarecrow, Scream and Paranormal Activity.

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Episode 14 – R.I.P 2012- The Horror Films of 2012



Charlene Lydon- programmer of the Light House Cinema returns for the third time to talk to look back on the horror films we saw in 2012.

Beverage: Vacqueryras (Red Wine)

Films Discussed: The Woman in Black, Cabin in the Woods, Sinister, Grabbers, Citadel, Stitches, What Richard Did, Sightseers, Excision, Killer Joe, Frankenweenie, Dark Shadows, Berberian Sound Studio, The Innkeepers, The Loved Ones, The House at the End of the Street, A Night in the Woods, V/H/S, Paranormal Activity 4, Paranorman and Silent House

For Charlene’s List of the best 12 films of 2012 overall click here

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Episode 13 – Christmas Ho-Ho-Horror Special with Hollywood Babylon


Happy Christmas listeners! My guests for the Christmas episode are Daniel and Damo from Hollywood Babylon. Hollywood Babylon is event cinema in Dublin at it’s best and they’re screening the classic Black Christmas, on the 15th of December in the Light House Cinema. Do I invited the guys to come over and talk about Hollywood Babylon and a selection of Christmas horror films.

Follow @HollywdBabylon and check out hollywoodbabylon.ie, for future events, fun is to be had.

Beverage: Mulled Wine

Films Discussed: Black Christmas (1974), Silent Night Deadly, Inside, Santa’s Slay and Gremlins (also Batman Returns & Gremlins 2)
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