Episode 30 – Chucky Special w/ Charlene Lydon



To celebrate the release of Curse of Chucky and the 25th anniversary of the Chucky/Child’s Play franchise podcast regular and massive Chucky fan Charlene Lydon joined me to talk about all six films.

Spoilers for the first five then a warning before we spoil the latest one.

Beverage: Hot Port for Charlene, Sol Lager for me.

Film’s Discussed: Child’s Play, Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky and Curse of Chucky.

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To prove that Charlene is a huge fan of Chucky and not just the first person I grabbed to do this podcast because I live with her here’s two photos of her credentials – with the man himself and the other is her as Tiffany last Halloween



Episode 29 – Niall Cassin



My guest is a friend from my days studying film production in Colaiste Dhulaigh, Niall Cassin. Niall works is a banker during the day, don’t hold that against him- he also writes and directs on the side. Niall was always a very animated and funny guy to talk to about films in college so I thought he’d be a great guest and I was right.

Beverage: Guinness

Film’s Discussed: Trick R’ Treat (2007), The Fourth Kind and The Fog.

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Post Screening Podcast: You’re Next




Another post screening podcast with regular Charlene Lydon, we’re talking about Adam Wingard’s new horror out August 30th You’re Next. We really enjoyed it.

Spoiler free…then we warn you before we spoil the shit out of it.

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Episode 28 – Film Four FrightFest London 2013


I went to London to watch some of the films on offer at the excellent FrightFest in the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, while there Becky Craig from episode 9 joined me for a chat about some of the films we had seen at FrightFest.
Have to say while I had mixed feelings about some of the films, FrightFest itself has a fantastic atmosphere with the most respectful, positive and fun audiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching a horror film with, they do London proud.

Film’s Discussed: Curse of Chucky, For Elisa, Haunter, Willow Creek, The Dark Tourist, We Are What We Are, Rewind This, American Scream and Wake in Fright

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Episode 23 – Zoe Kavanagh



My guest this episode is filmmaker Zoe Kavanagh.

Zoe is currently making her epic thriller/horror Taryn Barker: Demon Hunter (starring Conor Marren from episode 21). It looks deadly.

You can look at clips, teasers, behind the scenes stuff etc. here and you can like the Taryn Barker Facebook page to keep up to date with it, support this film cause we it’s the only one of it’s type being made in Ireland and we need more genre stuff that has the balls to not make everything fecking tounge in cheek.

Beverage: Coors Light

Films discussed: A Nightmare on Elm Street, John Carpenter’s Vampires and Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives.
Note: Originally as you’ll hear Zoe picked The Thing I realised that I’ve covered The Thing already so Zoe came up with Vampires, a film I haven’t seen since it was first released on VHS, so forgive my lack of contribution here, I now want to revisit Vampires.
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