30 Day Horror Movie Challenge

So you might be aware of these 30 day film challenges, you’re asked a different question for each day and you answer on Facebook or Twitter. In the run up to Halloween the 30 day horror film challenge is very popular and I want to do a podcast version of it.

My plan is to cover every question in a series of podcasts on the run up to Halloween, my own answer as well as a selection of past guests, friends and listeners answers. So if you want to be part of it have a look at the questions below and send me your answers. Please expand where possible, I want your thoughts and insights and if you feel you need to physically talk about the film you’re more than welcome to send me a soundbite –
email your answers to 30dayhorrorchallenge@gmail.com 


Day 1.     What was your first horror film?
Day 2.     Favourite UK or Ireland horror film?
Day 3.     Favourite classic horror movie?  (pre 1970)
Day 4.     Favourite horror remake?
Day 5.     Horror movie not enough people have seen but deserves more recognition?
Day 6.     Best horror franchise?
Day 7.     What horror film would you show to introduce a kid to the genre?
Day 8.     Favourite horror film character?
Day 9.     Favourite zombie film?
Day 10.   Favourite horror film in the last year?
Day 11.   Favourite foreign language European horror film?
Day 12.   Horror film you’ve seen more than any other horror film?
Day 13.   Which horror film has genuinely scared you the most?
Day 14.   Favourite slasher horror film?
Day 15.   Film that scared you most as a child? (doesn’t have to be horror)
Day 16.   Favourite vampire film?
Day 17.   Favourite Scream queen?
Day 18.   Horror film with the best soundtrack?
Day 19.   Favourite horror director?
Day 20.   Favourite horror villain?
Day 21.   Favourite horror film adapted from a novel?
Day 22.   Favourite comedy horror?
Day 23.   Favourite found footage horror film?
Day 24.   Most underrated horror film?
Day 25.   Biggest jump in a horror film?
Day 26.   Most memorable performance in a horror film?
Day 27.   Favourite monster horror film?
Day 28.   Favourite Asian horror?
Day 29.   Favourite horror film to watch on Halloween?
Day 30.   All time favourite horror film?

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